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Soni Jorgensen is a Swedish screenwriter, who has worked on feature films, TV Series, and as a Dialogue Coach on the TV Show American Horror Story for showrunner Ryan Murphy (The People v. O. J. Simpson, Glee, Nip/Tuck).


Soni was also the Head Writer on Hazelight Studios and Electronic Art’s global commercial success and multi-award-winning game, It Takes Two, in collaboration with film- and game director Josef Fares (Jalla! Jalla!, Cops, A Way Out).


At the 2021 Game Awards, often referred to as the Oscars for gaming, It Takes Two was awarded the top prize, ‘Game of the Year,’ plus ‘Best Family Game,’ ‘Best Multiplayer Game’ and nominated for ‘Best Narrative.’ It also received nine BAFTA nominations, including ‘Best Narrative’, and won best Original Property and Best Multiplayer. In 2021, in competition with big budget AAA-games, It Takes Two became the top earner of ‘Game of the Year’ awards worldwide.


Soni has also worked as a Script Consultant for numerous TV Series and feature films, including the Swedish box-office hit, As It Is in Heaven, nominated for an Academy Award for ‘Best Foreign Language Film’ and sold worldwide.


Due to her in-depth approach to character development she has been invited to industry events as a speaker and/or panelist, including Istanbul Film Festival, Creative Europe & WIFT Ireland, Gothenburg Film Festival, Lindholmens Audiovisual Talks, Carl International Film Festival, Season Film Festival in Helsinki and others. Soni was the Keynote Speaker at Screenwriters Research Network’s 2016 international summit in UK. She has also been featured in Writers & Artists (UK).

Since her specialty is character development, combined with her training at the Graduate Screenwriting Program at USC School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles, Soni is known for writing drama, comedy and other genres based on compelling characters.


Soni Jorgensen is a member of the Writers Guild of Sweden and the European Film Academy, whose members cast their votes for the European Film Awards.



2020-2022: Script Editor - TV Series (Drama, Thriller)

The Vanishing Triangle 

Park Films (Ireland), Paper Plane Productions, Sundance Now (USA)


2021: Co-Creator/Writer - TV Series (development) (Drama)

Leaving LA - Head Creator/Writer/Director: Manuel Concha

Fabrik Entertainment (USA)


2018-2021: Head Writer - Video Game (Action, Adventure, Comedy)

It Takes Two - Director: Josef Fares

Hazelight Studios (Sweden), Electronic Arts (USA)


2017-2019: Script Consultant, Co-Director, Producer - Feature Film (Drama, Comedy)

King of Atlantis - Director: Marina Nyström

Filmweaver, Intergalactic Partners, Dramasvecia. Theatrical release + Swedish Television.


2017: Co-Writer, Producer - Short Film (Adaptation of a short story) (Drama)

Little Match Girl - Director: Björne Larson

M&M Productions (Denmark), Deep Forest Films (USA), Intergalactic Partners (Sweden)


2016: Co-Creator/Co-Writer - TV Series (development, adaptation British novel) (Drama, Thriller)

Last Light - Head Creator/Writer: Patrik Ehrnst

Zentropa, Trust Nordisk (Denmark), Brain Academy (Sweden)


2016: Co-Creator/Co-Writer - TV Series (development) (Drama, Thriller, SciFi)

Ice Fern - Head Creator/Writer: Johan Rudolphie

Palladium Fiction (Sweden), Atlantique Productions (France), SONY pictures (UK)


2015-2016: Script Development Executive

Consulting Script Development Executive at the Swedish production company Brain Academy, at the time a part of NICE Entertainment Group, currently NENT Studios.


2015: Dialogue Coach - TV Series (Drama, Horror)

American Horror Story - Hotel - Showrunner: Ryan Murphy

(Soni rewrote English language scenes to Swedish, rehearsed on set with Scandinavian actors, assisted Director when scenes with Swedish dialogue were shot.)

20th Century Fox Television (USA)


2015: Screenwriter - Feature film (Commissioned to rewrite screenplay) (Comedy, Drama)

FIB - Director: Johan Karrento

Helsinkifilmi (Finland)


2014: Screenwriter - Feature Film (Commissioned to rewrite screenplay) (Drama, Ghost-Mystery)

Wraith - Director: Björne Larson

Cross Creek Pictures (Black Swan, Ides of March), Deep Forest Films (USA)


2013-2014: Screenwriter - Feature Film (development) (Drama, Biopic)

Greta Garbo 

Hepp Film (Sweden), Birdcat/Carice van Houten (Game of Thrones) (Netherlands)


2011-2012: Screenwriter - Feature Film (Commissioned to rewrite screenplay) (Action, Adventure)

Jax of Hearts

Tiger8 (USA), JCI GROUP (China)


2010: Writer - TV movie ((Adaptation of a short story) (Drama, Comedy)

Sture & Kerstin Forever - Director: Tova Magnusson

Swedish Television


2009: Writer, Storyline - TV Series (Drama, Comedy)

Life in Fagervik 

Swedish Television


01S_Soni-Jorgensen-Photographer_Jacob Jorgensen.jpeg

Photo: Jacob Jorgensen

Soni Jorgensen does adaptations, rewrites and original ideas for film and television. 

She received her main training as a screenwriter when she became an orphan in South Korea and was adopted by a working class family in Sweden, who kicked her out when she was fourteen. In addition she has attended the Graduate Screenwriting Program at USC in Los Angeles.

"To make a great film you need three things - the script, the script and the script."

Alfred Hitchcock

"What doesn't kill you hurts like hell - and then you write a comedy about it."

​Soni Jorgensen

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