Jorgensen has consulted many films and TV shows, including the Swedish box-office hit, AS IN HEAVEN, nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film and sold worldwide. 



Jorgensen helps projects elevate in all stages of script development or in post during the editing phase. Her approach is based on a unique methodology developed by Frank Daniel, a method she learned in the Graduate Screenwriting Program at the University of Southern California.

This method is not based on a formula but rather an organic step-by-step approach, to help the screenwriter develop the story they want to share with the world but has not yet been able to fully communicate.

Being a screenwriter herself, Jorgensen has a deep understanding of the screenwriter's needs and can look at the development process also from the screenwriter's point of view.  


Jorgensen only consults projects with:


* Professional screenwriters who have undertaken screenwriting training (or in any other way have learned the craft of screenwriting). 

* Producer attached, with a budget for script consulting in place.


It is highly recommended that the producer attends the coaching session, to initially share any possible producer's vision and then take part as an observer. This will help the producer and screenwriter to continue the development process as a team with a joint vision.



All consulting work on a project starts with a Basic Analysis & Coaching, including a written analysis summary and a coaching session on Skype or in person. This is an in-depth coaching focusing on the core story and characters, to make sure there is a solid foundation for the script. 

The fee for a Basic Analysis & Coaching for a feature project or a TV pilot is a predetermined fixed fee. If the material extends beyond one feature or a TV pilot, the fee will be determined case-by-case.

After the coaching session most professional screenwriters are able to continue the work by themselves. Any follow up consultations on the same project is based on a daily fee.

For detailed information on fees etc, please send a brief information about the project and the page count of the current material (synopsis, treatment, script etc), to:

Please do not submit any material with your request! Any unsolicited material will be deleted unread.

If script consultation service is later commissioned, all submitted material will be handled as confidential.   




"Screenwriting is rewriting."